Thursday, November 29, 2012

Dirty Old Times - a motocross homage

For all the motorcycle fans out there! Check out this amazing crowdfunding film about Arne and his big love: motocross!

Here some short infos...

 The Film:
Arne, a 74-year-old national motocross veteran from Sweden has completed more than a thousand races in his career. He spent over half a century in the saddle. Arne lives and breathes vintage motorcycles. We started a film about him when one day we decided to take our protagonist to his idols: The international big boys of the golden era of motocross. Suddenly, our small portrait about a bike lover from Småland and his barn had become something ... bigger.

The Misson:
This film is about an old rider and the godfathers of vintage motocross. And if you don‘t like Brando think „dinosaurs“. We want to preserve their motocultural heritage in a way as classy as their priceless bikes. This is a documentary about characters made of flesh and steel: iron men and their roaring beauties sharing their great stories of yesteryear.
"Dirty Old Times" Trailer from OVER/EASY FILMS on Vimeo.

"Dirty Old Times" Teaser from OVER/EASY FILMS on Vimeo.

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