Friday, January 20, 2012

Bolton's of Nashville

Nashville is not only the home of country music but is also is steeped in spicy fried chicken tradition. Bolton's Spicy Fried Chicken and Fish near downtown is well below the radar of mainstream food establishments in Nashville. While in town a couple of days ago I knew I would be stopping by. Top rated by locals, this little greasy fry joint lived up to my expections and much more.
It was mid-day on Thursday when my girl and I made our stop. No crowd. No line. Four tables, menu on the wall, a drive through style tinted slider glass window and a pink door which went to the kitchen. We explored the menu and knocked on the pink door as the sign states. A young black man slid the little tinted window open and took our order. I ordered the wing plate with greens and fries while the girl got the chicken tender plate with wac & cheese and slaw. Yes wac! The "m" was upside down on the menu.
He asked how we wanted it - meaning the chicken. Now I did a bit of research online and most reviews said if you order "hot" you are just plain fuckin' stupid. So I ordered medium and the girl ordered hers mild. Good thing to. My girls mild was all she could handle and the medium was just right and in the same breath hot enough. The greens had a salty pork under tow flavor due to the large chunks of ham and bacon which was incredible. Slaw, wac & cheese and fries were top notch.

Soul food and FTW100 a hand that can't be beat.
Special shout out to my Kimberly Ann for going with me.
Bolton's Spicy Chicken and Fish, 624 Main Street, Nashville, Tennessee.

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