Saturday, November 26, 2011

spray painting (aka rattle can) fork legs

so I ventured into the world of rattle canning my fork legs.... I scoured the internet for advice, tips, tricks and think I nailed it.

  1. prep is key.... stip clear from legs, clean, clean, clean, smooth, smooth, smooth
  2. etching primer
  3. quality primer\
  4. multiple (light) coats of paint, sanding between DRY coats (800 grit)\
  5. then once cured (allow several days to truly cure)
  6. wet sand with 800, 1000 and then 1500 grits
  7. polishing compound with drill or high speed polisher (careful.... you can fak this up quick if not careful.... slow and steady wins this race)
  8. wax with Mothers was and a powerball

It turned out great.... will post pics soon.No clear coat, not sure if I care about clear... we'll see. How will it hold up? I am confident that it will hold up pretty good.... yes it will chip (so will powdercoat), yes it will fade (so will powdercoat), yes it will will to be waxed and cleaned ( and again... so will powdercoat).

My point is.... you can rattle can fork lowers and have a result as good (if not better, than 2 stage paint or powdercoat if you….

  • prep, prep, prep\
  • be patient... take your time while painting coats
  • don't smack it with a hammer and expect it to hold up (nothing will :)

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