Thursday, August 4, 2011

Nashville Nights

Went to Nashville Nights trackday event at the Nashville Superspeedway. The whole track sits on and inside a Nascar track, complete with banking. There were rough transitions between the banks and the flat portions that took a little getting used to. Really short and technical, it was easy to get caught out in the wrong gear. Even easier to get wooped by the locals who had it dialed in, and a lot more talent.
People in Nashville are really cool, and really into racing. Guys working at the hotel saw the bike and had tips for me, including iphone vids of the track. There were some pretty old guys who were fast as fuck on the track and cool as hell in the pits, complete with killer southern drawls, all interested in who you were and where you're from, and tips on laps. I listened, tried to do what they recommended and they still blew my doors off. It was my first time ther and I wasn't the slowest guy in the A group. Barely.
After that we packed up and drove back to Nashville. About half an hour total, and then it was Robert's Western World, Printer's Row and a hundred beers with John Jameson and an asshole who schooled me all day on the track, FTWCO racer PJ Doran.
Thanks to PJ and STT lead instructor Marc Perrone, director Travis Sadler, and all the other guys from STT who's names I don't know. Yet. They do a great job, keep it safe and give free instruction on how to get faster. Life is short.

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  1. You were rolling John! Can't wait to hit another track with you. Barber is calling!!