Wednesday, August 3, 2011

 Greasebag 11'
-You Greasy Mutha Fucka's!!!
Well,what can I say?That was one of the best weekends of the year!Grail put on one hell of a good time.Here's how it went down...
-This all started in Boston for the Dice Magazine party at the Baseball tavern.We,a friend Marc and me left Cape about 10am Friday morning taking r3A up through Plymouth and into Kingston then flipping over to pick up r58.Up in the Quincy area we just hopped on the highway and booted since it looked as if the rain was comin early.We got into Boston,through the traffic and into the HoJo's parkin lot at about noon.There was no other bikes or Scoots,it was also a scooter rally the same weekend,anywhere.We got the bikes unpacked and checked in to our rooms.A few minutes after that my buddy Jon-Micheal from Prohibited Garage shows up in the lot riding Prohibited Phill's Trumpet.He was meeting up with McGoo from Builtwell do do some Photos.The 4 of us decided to walk down Boylston to get some grub at the Pour House.After we headed back,grabbed the bikes and rode down to Roxbury to the H.O.T.W. garage.
Pic-Marc Rosen
Pic- Rob Watt
McGoo took a ton of picks of the bikes and we talked to some locals out front for a bit but wanted to get back before the rain headed in.We got back to the hotel right as the rain started drippin and Jon had to run hoem for a bit so Marc,Goo and me headed out to get cell charges and find a good watering hole.We ended up at Remy's across the street from the B.T. and the soon to be party.We watched bike after bike rollin in.After a little bit Grail and Matt from Dice Mag. came over to partake in the boozing,oh wait Matt did,he had a few Martinis...Grail didn't because he didn't want to be hungover so he could enjoy his S'mores at camp Saturday night.Later on the H.O.T.W. crew showed up,Jon was back,and the crowd across the street was getting thick,it was time to go.After a few hundred drinks at Remy's we now headed over to the B.T. and started all over again.There were a good number of people there at this point.The guys from Chopperhead showed, some of the Butchershop boys were there,my buddy Ryan from 11th hour,people from,CT,CA,NJ,NY,TN,DC,and Canada,and the party went off with out a hitch.Booze,bands and badassery!Great time!Even after the bar closed some of us were hangin out talkin in the parkin lot when some random collage kid gives us a 12 continued out there till 3am.
Pic-Rob Watt

 Next morning I felt like hammered shit,but it was time to ride to the staging spot in Lexington,MA.After a quick shower,some DD ice coffee and a egg sangwich we beat feet.Rode up through Cambridge and through Harvard Square on our way out of town.We took a few wrong turns but after teamin up with a pack heading there we made it in decent time.There was a great turn out here,50 or more bikes waiting to go with about 20+  showing up after.5 minutes there and SNAP",there goes my clutch cable.WTF!?!Grail tells me that Wayne from Acme Choppers was coming in his monster truck with a trailer acting as a chase vehicle for the run.Of course I was the only douche that needed it but I'm glad he was there..Long story short,I rode in the truck with Wayne,we got of route somehow and ended up not seeing the pack again till camp.We decided to get back to the shop and fix the bike before going to camp and partying away any ambition of working on it.Only took a few minutes to slap out a new cable and after rummaging threw the swap piles I was on the road again.I took a ride down r106 looking for the camp site but ended up miles away.Ended up going all the way back up and around Laconia and out to r3 before I found the place.Didn't mind,at least I got some riding in.
 The camping at White Birch Campground in Belmont,N.H. just outside of Laconia was a real wild time with 30/30 packs of free beer and something like 50 pizzas,also free.As the night,and drinking went on the word "strippers" came up and all hell broke loose,4 hours later when they showed up.We circled the bikes,flipped on the lights and sat back for the show.As $1's rained down the girls got dirty and the boys yelled out for more.All in all it was a awesome time,I even got hit with my own belt by one of them bitches.A crazy ass time in the woods was had by all!
 *Some even say if you listen closely you can still hear the voice of Keith Stone out there asking for more stripper money.
At sunrise bikes started pullin out,why I don't know.They must of gone for a ride but the jamboree wasn't for a bit and people most were sleepin in.About 10 we packed up and headed over to the Greasebag Jamberee at Acme Choppers for a good old time,right after a quick breaky.There were some real cool people and bikes at this somebitch!More free beer,raffles,prizes,sweaty dudes,hot rum,burnouts,and hot sun.The show was fantastic,cool shit everywhere to see.They had so much stuff to raffle off people had a hard time getting there winnings home on two wheels.Later on Grail called out the 12 winners of the bike show,each being picked by a different vendor.My rusty old Trumpet got the award sponsored by Jay,Truth and the rest of the Chopperhead crew.Thanks Fellas!
Pic-Sarah Winslow
After that there was a photo shoot with all the bikes,then one by one and at this point it was basically over.People started heading out in packs,saying there good bys on the way through the parkin lot.

 A few of us joined up to ride south back to MA. and leavin out about 4PM heading down r3 and on to r1.Just 10 miles south Ryan H. and Keith broke off  after a gas stop and took r93s to get back asap but we just headed down r3 at a slower pace.J,Ryan and me ran into Marco and his pack sitting at a gas station in the shade 6 miles down the road so we grouped up and continued on.About 4 miles later we stop at a light and as we start off again my clutch adjuster falls off of my lever.The group pulls over and Ryan and me walk back up the hill to find it.Lucky for me I do,or so I thought.When I get back to the bike to put it back on I realize the new cable had come apart at the soldered end.Again,WTF!?!Well r 93 was right there and we decided that that was the only reasonable option.A quick push up the hill a bit and I point and shoot,popped it over and nailed it straight threw two sets of lights and on to the highway.Marco and his crew went on down 3 but Ryan,J and I were makin good time for home,untill we hit the traffic.With no other option we breakdowned it for 15 miles and around the pile up only to see it again 10 miles later.
This time I almost got pinched at a on ramp that was backed up but I managed to sneak back to the shoulder only to go off the edge and onto a dirt patch above a ravine.I rode that for 30 feet and eventually got a good foot plant to get me back on the road.On we go for a while and now a toll is coming.J runs up ahead and pays as Ryan and me blow through.We made it 85 mile,south of Boston before I ran out of gas on the side of r93 near Granite ave.Luckly Ry had to pick up his truck back in Newton and had broken off in the tunnel to go get it so he was already on his way to get me.J hung out with me for a bit but had to get back to R.I. and said his good by only to get a flat 10 miles away he told me.Ryan showed up 20 minutes later,we loaded the rusty old bitch in the truck and headed south again laughing about the weekend along the way.We decided to stop in Plymouth at the bar I work at,Bostons, for a few cold ones,which ended up with me getting home at 4am but that s a different story...
 Thanks to everyone who set this up,helped out on it,showed up and drank,showed there tits,or just rode a motorbike with us,it was a great fuckin weekend!
Here are some more pics of the weekend in no real order...

I borrowed a few pics and I'm not sure from who so if you see yours let me know and I'll credit you.


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