Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Trackday at Heartland Park Topeka

102 Degrees. HP is a killer track with a well organized program. The main straight has a blind crest that you hit at about 150mph and then move into a high speed right/left chicane that takes a leap of faith to do well but once you get over it it's one of the best parts of the track. A couple of years ago Matt Mladin wouldn't race there because of the pit wall on the left, before the crest. Said it was too dangerous. FTWCO counsel Billy Mallory's front slick started to de-laminate mid afternoon. Whole strips of rubber were chunking off the edge. End of that track day!

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  1. Question on the track days at Topeka--can the general public just show up and watch? I live fairly close and would love to watch!