Monday, May 9, 2011


The Metamorfosis Masiva Bike Build Off is all about having fun and sharing our love for bikes. The MM 2011 had an unprecedented success and was an awesome experience for all of us that had the luck to be involved, in one way or another. This is why we have decided to push it one step forward and go for a second edition. We, The People, are tired of conventionalism, corporation bullying and losers trying to tell us we can’t do it! We, The People, believe that things happen when humans with the same interests gather freely! Among the new things we are currently developing, is an online personalized platform, where each builder will be able to assess his/her advances as well as all other questions. This “diary” will be supplied to each contestant to pump up emotion & follower support until “D” Day. The only limit to your courage will be to adopt a Single Cylinder MC and your creativity. Just remember The Golden Rule: LESS IS MORE! so go and torture your brain not your bank officer.If you are reading this, means that you care, so don’t be dumb, don’t be scared, take the streets and JOIN THE SINGLE CYLINDER REVOLUTION!

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