Saturday, April 23, 2011

So I was rakin' my freshly cut and mulched wild flower patch on Wednesday and had the shit scared out of me. Just before I stroked my rake I think oh, theres a piece of silverware. No silverware here. Its a revolver. Hello. Police Dispatch. Yeah, I found a handgun on my property.

Des Moines finest showed up. Revolover was loaded. 5 of 6 bullets in chamber. Appears to be ditched in my wildflower patch around last November. Hoodlums.

Coons, homeless, big iron, FTW100 & Marty Robbins. All in my yard April 2011. Add some to your yard now. Finally almost warm enough to ride daily.


  1. Holy shit dude, I don't know what else to say - just holy shit. I only find tennis balls and dog shit in my yard...

  2. I couldn't make this shit up. Last November the police were in my neighborhood looking for the elusive big iron. My wild flowers were 4'-6' tall at the time. They were mowed this past Monday. Found it Wednesday. Who knows maybe next year I can grow me a rocket launcher in the wild flowers.