Sunday, February 13, 2011

Blitz Motorcycles = french friends

Today I want to get some attention for a really cool crew of french motorycyle builders: Blitz motorcycles!
Here we go: Blitz was born june 2010 but it's real foundation was made years ago when Fred met Leo and Hugo. Fred had just passed a degree in mechanics (through night courses: at that time, he was still in charge of digital marketing for a web based company) while Hugo and Leo, passionated by mechanics and old time motorcycles were learning it "the hard way", in the bottom of an abounded garage in Paris.

They happened to share the same idea of motorcycles (motorcycle = an engine and two wheels. Full stop) and Fred trained them to the basics of mechanics.
They first customized their own motorcycle (BMW R10/7) and quickly had to deal with their friends who wanted to ride the same bikes. They finally decided to set up a small company for two main reasons:

 - the up growing demand of people who saw such bikes in the streets of Paris
- the fact that they wanted to take the chance to live from their passion.

Today, their creativity express itself on a larger range of oldtime motorcycles, from japanese bikes to european and US brands.

Their source of inspiration could be called: post industrial. They love the idea to combine renewed parts of the bike (frame, wheels, engine) to very genuine ones such as tanks or lights (headlight and tail light) they find in swapmeets. The purpose to be acheived here: use the story of such parts to give a soul to their creation.

They chose "Blitz" because of what a lighting represents: raw force.

Their aim is to build bikes that not only run tight, but also represent their vision of what a bike should be: two wheels, an engine, and the freedom to ride on open roads.

Visit their homepage: Blitz Motorcycles


  1. I like Chunky, the black BMW. Looks like it needs a gravel road under it at 80mph. Cool.

  2. Excellent post, saw these guys on the Deus blog a bit back. Very cool stuff.

  3. I think I met one of these guys state side. He had just purchased the red/white/blue tank triumph from United states and he was bopp'n around on it. It looked a bit different but that tank is RAD!

    looks even better now.

  4. thanx to all. always try to find good themes to post!