Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Road 6 Customs

While hunting through local indy shops for parts for my sporty, I was told by a local shop to check out Road 6 Customs for a lowering kit I was wanting. Since they're only about 100 miles from me and I'm off work for the week I figured a road trip was in order. Off to Geneva Nebraska! Now the only thing I knew about Road 6 was  what I saw while lurking on EBay, lowering kits, weld on hard-tails, and such.

Any time you pull up to a shop and the 1st thing you see is-

You know it's gonna be a cool shop!

Once inside you're made to feel very welcome, very friendly folks! There were some very cool scoots in the showroom but 2 were standouts-

But the coolest stuff, was in the shop, various sporty's in different states of builds featuring the Road 6 weld on hard tail,  oil bag, battery box and other goodies all built at Road 6. I've been in the welding and fab business for damn near 20 years and I'll tell you what, this guy knows his stuff. If you need something built Road 6 can do it, top quality, American made parts. Now before I start getting mail over no pics from the shop, there isn't any. I didn't take any pics of his shop out of respect. If Road 6 wants shop pics on the web, that's up to them, not me. I know at the shop I manage there are no pics allowed of the actual shop area, so I give the same respect to others. I did find the lowering kit I wanted at a great price, but after the deal he offered on the Burly Slammer shocks, I couldn't say no!

If you want the skinny on what Road 6 can do for you call them at-
or visit them on the web at-
Road 6 Customs

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