Wednesday, December 1, 2010

all kooked out review

Stanton Moore. 1998 release. “all kooked out”
For twelve years all kooked out has been in constant rotation among my favorite cd’s.
The New Orleans native drummer puts together a gumbo of sound with collaborators Charlie Hunter on eight string bass and Skerik on saxophone. The album inlay states –
file as: Funk / Jazz / New Orleans. The album oozes with all three. A flavor for any occasions all kooked out’s whole is much greater than its individual parts. No need to skip to the next song. The one you’re listening to is part of Moore's journey.
Like when you leave town for a 2000 mile trip on your bike, it’s not the one crazy incident which provides the highlight. It’s everything. The rain. The wind. The sights. The people.
The breakdown. The last 100 miles home. All of the experience.
This album is a roller coaster of funk with no boundaries.
Infectious grooves.
Bluesy expression.
Powerful crescendos.
They’re all here waiting for ears that will listen.
Oh wait your not the jazzy funk type?
Well keep this in mind. Stanton has played with more than just jazz funk artists.
Ever here of Corrosion of Conformity? Or how about Tom Morello & Boot Riley’s project Street Sweeper Social Club? Stanton has done albums with both. He is a one man gang on the skins. His main gig is with the band Galactic who also hails from NOLA.
He is an artist.
To find out more on Moore check out
Until next time.
Respect FTW100.
I’m Bobby Hanson and I live in Des Moines.

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