Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Need a good kick in the pants? Take your family racing!

Couple weeks ago my family and team (Klock Werks) made our yearly trip to the Bonneville Salt Flats for a week of landspeed racing.

Wife Michelle and our 13 year old daughter Tiadra waiting their turn for tech inspection.
Michelle has raced three years on the salt and holds three AMA national landspeed records. Our daughter Tiadra has been coming to the salt with us for four years. She has riden her dirt bike on the salt several times but this was her first year racing.

My girls in scrutineering having their motorcycles and safty gear inpected.

Michelle on her 2002 Yamaha Warrior.

Best speed of the week, 145mph and a new AMA landspeed record!

Tiadra on her 2004 Kawi EX250.

Best pass of the week 94mph and change. Just 4 mph short of a record.
We will try again next year!
No matter how you get it done get out there and race!


  1. kick ass! that's awesome you've got the whole family into it!

    you guys make some great products too - i've got one of your windshields on my bagger...