Monday, August 30, 2010

My motorcycle wreck aftermath

Look out for motorcycles!! Time to rebuild the ol Ironhead again.Im gettin fitted for a real prosthetic in a couple days and Ill be right back out there on two wheels dodgin cars again.


  1. Its crazy how my phones been ringing all day over this post...But, nobody posts a comment.
    Zackabilly, holy shit, you lost a leg...I think this might be one of the biggest fears of riding.
    I like others I suppose, dont know quite what to say.
    Ride on, stay strong, and I hope to meet and have a drink with you someday.
    Let me know if you need anything...I have some sporty stuff around the shop collecting dust.
    Cheers to you for keeping it up.

  2. Thanks for the words man.Im still goin to all the events,wrenchin in the garage or drinkin in garage hours out of the day and will be riding very soon.As for sporty parts,I got a 72 Ironhead.Needs a top end rebuild.

  3. Z, I was also one who did not know what to say when I first saw your post. I think it's great that you are getting on with life and continuing to do what you love. Keep positive and keep all your friends and family close. Life is way to short. Admiration to you for your strength!!!

  4. Amen to what Jeff & Bobby had to say! What a fucking inspiration, I just want to print this out and shove it down the throat of everyone complaining to me about their daily life...

    Way to keep living brother!

  5. Hell yeah guys thanks.Shit happens and if ya truly love motorcycles nothin is gonna keep ya away from em.An ol timer buddy of mine rode one of them big dog choppers into an almost permanent coma.Couple months later hes out the hospital and bought him a new fat boy.It wasnt his first brush with death on a bike,seein as how it wasnt his last... well.Thanks again guys for takin time to say wsup.Maybe I will have a beer with ya ll in the near future.Who knows.

  6. Well if you ever find yourself out in the Denver area hit me up - you'll have a bed and all the cold beer you can drink waiting for you.

  7. Same here Zack, you've got a place to sleep in NJ, man that is serious, but you are fucking taking it in stride man, and more power to you!

    hope it heals up fast,!!!


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