Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Iowa State Fair

Yep. Ima Fair Slut.
New Exhibition Center.
You betta recognize.
Almost bought this shetland pony.
Let's go Muttin Bustin!
Or just eatm.
Lamb Kabob. I have one every year. Killer.
Bacon. Sausage. Ham. Pork Rinds.

3,000 lb Bull.
300 lb Cow.
Get'n my sweet on with some mini donuts.
Corn Dogs & FTW100.
Together Forever.
That's some tall ass corn.

Wonder Bar!
Ifya never had one you don't know shit.
The Good'ol Boys.
Cheap ass Kodak Digital Dead.
Monday at the fair.
East Side.
Respect FTW100.

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