Monday, August 16, 2010

Des Moines to Dowagiac & Back, on Crack.

On my way to Dowagiac Michigan to see some Air Force friends.
A few I haven't seen in over twenty years.
I left Friday the 13th. What could happen...

Battery shot.
Somewhere in Illinois.
After getting push started I decided to leave the Tramp running every time I refueled.
Dowagiac Michigan Napa bailed me out for $57.

Welcoming committee.
From left Alex, me, George & Paul.
Wheres Ringo?
Friday at 5pm.
George & Alex had already drank two fifths of Sailor Jerry's 92 proof Rum.
They made it 2am.
Fucking Rock Stars.

Just in case of emergency.

Everything gets a little out of focus on Yager.

Crew complete.
Mike D of Chicago added to the mayhem. Second from right.
I Scream!

Way to go Leo!
Thats One Big Mother Fucker!

Off to the V.

Our bartender Jeff hooking us up.

Dowagiac Party Girl hits the wall around 3am.

Sunday around Noon I hit the road back to Des Moines.

Mee-chigan Pavement.

Fuel and finger.

Baxter Iowa Adult Superstore flooded.
Water, water everywhere but not a dildo to be found.
Lookout anyone down river, they're coming right up your ass.

Back home to the wife, friends and a whole lotta chicken.
Around 1200 miles.
Only 80 of it was rain on the way out.
Saw a shit ton of cops in Illinois.
Good times in the summer.
The Chicken Rocked.
FYI no crack was smoked during the trip.
I'm Bobby Hanson and I live in Des Moines.
Respect FTW100.

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