Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Brotherly Chopper

This chopper means alot to me and its current owner Brock.It used to belong to a great friend/Brother of ours George Wolfe who recently left us here to go party with J.C. and friends up in Heaven.One thing about this bike while George owned it,was in its entire existance amongst us friends it never really seen pavement for a number of reasons.However once in Brocks hands,Brock spent week after week in Floridas hot and humid weather on his back porch puttin this thing back together.Once painted and for the most part all in one peice the only thing standing in its way was a few ignition,timing and oil pump issues.After a week in my garage with some help from Foy and myself the chops finally on the road.I know George is lookin down smilin cause his bike is finally gettin some pavement under it tires and his good friend Brock is havin fun ridin atop of the two wheels.George is loved and missed but he rides on in our hearts and in this build.

1 comment:

  1. U guys really did a good job on the bike. I know George is happy to see it on the road. Thanks for posting this, it's awesome! Luv ya man!
    Melanie Wolfe