Saturday, July 24, 2010

1987-88 California

In the Air Force, Travis AFB, Fairfield, CA.

My first street. '86 600 Ninja. Brand spankin new around $3000. When I was 19 I set off from Iowa to California alone. About 2000 miles. Mom was nervous.

Just south of Frisco. Pacifica, CA. Back in '87/'88 I found myself riding on a private acreage along the coast. An Air Force friend had an uncle who new about this land. The owner supported locals riding his land. I spent many weekends there riding a borrowed Honda XR200. Thanks for the ride.

What a fucking drop. Probably 200 feet plus. Yes there were abandoned bikes down there.

Me. This is as good as it gets.

Attitude in '87. Check. This was the highest most northern portion of this land. Pacifica in background. This was great day to look north and see The Golden Gate Bridge. However not viewable in this scanned photo. See that little stake and rope?

Thats the

"You Really Fucked Up By Going Beyond This Point" stake and rope.

250' + down.

On the left Air Force and Lifelong Friend, St. Louis Legend Jim Lehn.
On the right unknown kid. The one that passes you all day no matter how hard you ride.

Little Fuckers. They're everywhere.

Jim Flying High Again.
I would think this property is developed by now due to the thick woods, incredible coastline and hills. If anyone could shed some light on what became of this property that would be great.

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